Sunday, October 08, 2006

Is it just me or does the Indian media nowadays cry a lot lesser than before about the evils of brain drain? Possible reasons for this:
1. Today's media audience, i.e the educated middle class, aspires to settle abroad. So it wont make business sense for the media to portray it negatively.
2. As a society, we now respect the individual's right to choose his future.
3. It is a sign of our growing confidence in our own strength that a move abroad is not seen as a no-confidence vote on India's future.
4. People have accepted brain-drain as just another feature of globalization.
5. We've decided that India is hopeless and it makes no sense to stay in India. So brain drain is not seen as an issue any longer.

Any Others?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

People these days seem to prefer 'hero' stories to 'villain' stories...Like the hoohaa over the good samaritans during the Mumbai sure there were cases of selfish people who saved themselves at the cost of others...the anti-brain drain story i.e., the IIM people ditching foreign postings to stay back in India, did find a 30 minute slot on NDTV...
- lakshman

October 09, 2006 1:46 PM  

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