Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Matrix fundaes

Some of you might have read this before.. u may then treat this as an opportunity to revise ur learnings :))

Here are some questions that Matrix raises – hope matrix aficionados respond!

1. How was 'Agent' Smith cracked?

Smith is essentially a virus in the system. In fact, he satisfies the definition of a virus as laid out by Smith himself to Morpheus in Matrix 1. Smith was unplugged from the Matrix and hence beyond its control. So were his duplicates too. When Smith got into Neo's body, Neo was still plugged into the Matrix. Hence the Matrix got access to a copy of Smith and released an antivirus through Neo's body to destroy Smith. When Smith and his copies were destroyed, his copies were converted back to the original form. Thats how we get to see the Oracle, Seraph and the girl again.

2. What was Oracle's role in all of this?

She orchestrated the ending, if not the whole process. By letting Smith get into her body, she somehow increased Smith's power to the extent to which the Matrix would accept Neo's offer to help (this part does seem a bit hazy). Thus she forced the Matrix to force a deal with Zion( or rather Neo) and let Zion live (at least for now).

But, if this is true then.... Oracle did not seem very sure about Zion surviving the day. In fact, she said she couldn't foresee that part ( or something to that effect). This is reinforced by the happiness she feels on seeing the birth of another day ( she had indicated a fear of having no tomorrow) Then how could she have plotted all of this?.. or was she just lying?

3. What is Neo's current state and what is the nature of the peace deal between Neo and Zion?

Funda 1: Neo is alive. He will be the machines' source of energy. So the matrix wouldn't need any human farms. Thus the Matrix and Zion can co-exist in their own domains forever.

Funda 2: Neo is dead. The truce is not permanent. More so, because the Zionites do not know about the peace deal brokered between Neo and the machines.

4. What is the state of the Matrix?

The portion about the cat indicates that there has been some change in the matrix. But what?

Funda 1: Matrix has been restarted/reloaded.

Funda 2: Matrix is finished. This school of thought(.. that sounds pseud :-) ) believes the cat shown was in fact, not one cat but 2 of them. Deja vu!.. So there was a glitch in the system. The glitch was that the matrix was shutdown.

Possible flaw in funda 2: If Neo brokered a deal with the matrix, then would the matrix have agreed to shutdown?

5.On a philosophical note, if programs have feelings like love (as shown by the girl's parents) and jealousy (Persepherone, assuming she is a prog) and also enjoy sexual activity (Merv), what is the distinguishing factor between machines and humans?

The answer is in Matrix1- specifically, Morpheus' fundaes to Neo. "All programs are based on a set of rules (and hence have their inherent limitations). Some of these can be bent, while others can be broken." Net funda is that the distinguishing feature of humans is the ability to break all rules and extend our limits beyond the horizon!!!

6. One more funda I came across somewhere on the net. It seemed to provide a more feasible answer to question below. Agent Smith's purpose was to kill Neo. Thus Agent Smith invaded Neo's body, Smith lost his purpose. No program can exist without any purpose in the matrix. Hence Smith was removed from the system.


1. What is the state of Merv and Persepherone ?

2. Niobe and Morpheus were shown hugging each other towards the end. Granted, it probably wasnt much of a hug. But if it was, then what happens to Commander Lark?

3. When Neo and Trinity went to the Sentinel Head Quarters (or whatever the place was, where they went), they could have just raised an EMP and killed all the sentinels and whatever other electronic device was in the area. That should have solved the problem right?..

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