Monday, December 27, 2004

Shame on us

"Thani oruvanukku unavu illai endral intha jagathinai azhipom" - this line from one of Mahakavi Bharathiyar's poems struck me as I was watching the movie Swades tonite. For those who dont know tam, the quote means "If there is even a single person who is starved, lets destroy the whole world" - i.e, such a world is pointless. Its been quite a while since he uttered this amazing line, and we still do have people dying of starvation. Sometimes I wonder if its right to have one section of the society feast on choices ranging from McDs and KFCs of the world to our own Saravana bhavans when another section just doesnt have anything to eat. Its all the more painful when our farmers themselves are starved to the extent of committing suicide. Well, we all do seem to accept that the PDS system has failed, but what is the solution?! Lots of work to be done on this front, and its time we got started.

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