Thursday, December 16, 2004

Subway, McD and KFC

While in India, I had hrd about how Subway is provides low-fat, low-cost sandwiches and other fast food. I assumed that it would eat into McD's and KFC's marketshare. It was only when I had the option of going to any of these three places for 2 weeks that I realised how Subway and the others have a mutually beneficial relationship. After indulging ourselves in hi-fat diets at KFC and McD for a few days, we would switch to Subway just to comfort ourselves that we arent fattening a lot :) And promptly the next time we would go back to McD/KFC and help ourselves to as much fatty stuff as possible. :)

btw, speaking of KFC, Zinger meal roxxx!!!!

p.s: this is the beginning of a series of articles (hopefully) on my learnings at spore where i had gone for a couple of weeks ...

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