Sunday, May 29, 2005

eV’s Theory on revival of BJP fortunes

Well, BJP seems to have lost it for the past one year. Ever since they lost the election, they’ve had internal squabbles and bickering between the many second-rung leaders. I wonder if someone in the BJP (or the rest of Sangh Parivar) would deem it fit to use the ultimate weapon. What BJP needs now is an issue to galvanize its party workers, and motivate its core base – a communal incident/event. An Advani-led rath yatra alone wouldn’t provide the fireworks it requires. The previous rath yatra did have the Ayodhya issue to raise, and finally culminated in the demolition of the Babri Masjid and communal riots. But it also did wonders to BJP – politically speaking. So I wonder – with horror – if the BJP would decide to try its hand at some such thing yet again. But given that the UPA government just celebrated its first birthday, I guess BJP wouldn’t do it for the next 2 years. To maximize their political gain, they’d prefer any such polarizing event to be closer to the polls.

Well, as I mentioned about another theory of mine I posted here, I hope I am wrong.

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