Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What Osama should be doing?

Simple! Outsource the reconaissance process to someone who'll fit right in - in the USA. For example, get a couple of American citizens (preferably white) to do it for them. But could Osama possibly outsource his bomb delivery process? Given that his core competencies are the planning behind the execution and the element of surprise in the delivery process, doesn't it make sense for him to get whites to do it? The surprise element would be many times more, and so also the damage it causes to the American society (whose power and psyche I assume is his main target).

This (bizarre?) post was something that struck me when I read this.

To quote,
A small plane breached the security zone over Washington, several law enforcement officials said, prompting alerts across the city.

The plane was approached by a fighter aircraft and veered away.

What would've gone on in the mind of the fighter plane's pilot when he approached the possibly terrorist-driven plane? Would he have just veered the plane away if he found it's pilot to be a Muslim Arab with a long beard (or for that matter, a Sikh with a beard and a turban)?

P.S: And if you think Osama cant find whites to do his work, think Timothy McVeigh (and in any case, the delivery boy might not know his boss or the boss' purpose - as was the case with some 9/11 terrorists)

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