Saturday, August 20, 2005

The power of the idiot box

Happened to watch a BBC report on the Israeli settlers' evacuation. The viewer was told how some Israelis were in denial even as they were forcibly evacuated. As if to highlight the point, a house was shown with clothes left to dry in the sun and a kid's cycle parked. The reporter said something like "It looks as if the occupants of these houses have gone for just a few minutes, but they're never going to return".

This report powerfully brought out the human aspects seen from an Israeli's point-of-view, and the viewer could relate to the agony in the Israelis' hearts. Now, this is the problem I have with the world media. When was the last time that a Palestinian family or home was shown as humans. The only Palestinians we get to see in our media is either the Hamas junta or the politicians. How about doing a special report on the hardships a Palestinian family has faced?

I should mention here one such report NDTV had prepared on Iran. In one of the episodes of "24 hours", we had a look into Iran - and its youth, and culture. Now that is the kind of stuff the US public should watch - at least, once in a while. Otherwise, the next time a trigger-happy president decides to invade Iran, the US public would let itself be convinced that all Iranians are al-Qaeda recruits.

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Blogger Sudheer Narayan said...

Check out funda behind Virumandi story da (courtesy: Lazygeek) - Truth suffers whenever anything is reported. The media, doesnt stop with jus screwing the truth.. .it dfoesnt even maintain equality there... even if the story they are making is abt equality of rights etc... arbit ppl i say.

August 21, 2005 6:34 PM  
Blogger Chandan said...

You are right there dude. Well yesterday I happened to watch 2001 release NO MAN'S LAND which cleverly illustrates the role of media in the scenario u hav mentioned. A Must watch. An evenhanded look at the absurdity of our world, and the senseless ignorance that all of us are part of. And at the end of the movie, you may ask yourself "Is this what we have become", and for the life of it, you can't lie to yourself and say "no". Bitter moments of recognition for anyone who's ever been affiliated with the UN, or news TV

August 22, 2005 11:19 AM  

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