Friday, September 02, 2005

Wow Aargh BSNL!

Was checking out BSNL's site when I chanced upon this.

"BSNL Chennai Telephones proposes to avail the services of Engineering Students (Fourth Semester and above) for sale and installation of Data-One Broadband for the BSNL customers."

While I dont quite understand the logic of favouring Engineering students (and that too only those who've put in two years of engg), the idea is refreshingly innovative. Of course, I'm not sure if the idea has been marketed well. Let me be generous and assume that BSNL might have communicated this scheme to engineering colleges in town.

But BSNL has pulled off a coup - by doing the impossible and screwing up this scheme.

"Selected students should achieve a target of at least TWO sales & ONE installation per day, with a minimum of 50 Broadband connections in a month. Failure to achieve the target will automatically forfeit their enrolment"

BSNL expects these full-time students to sell more than 12 connections a week! Wonder how many end up satisfying this condition.

Well, if in spite of this condition any engg student is enthu about it, applications can be submitted till the 15th of September. And btw, the commission is Rs. 100 for every connection.

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