Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Delhi Blasts

I've never found it possible to watch the news coverage by any non-NDTV Indian channel. Its all plain dumb. But since yesterday, I just can't get myself to watch NDTV either. Watching it serves little purpose other than to glamourise the events and make one & all feel the pain at a very superficial level. I caught myself thinking of how these news channels provide just a voyeuristic perspective - to bombard us with inane details of blasts, to gherao any police official and demand him to speak to the public via the media when he should be spending his energy on the blast that has happened.

24-hr news channels, by definition, have to do these things. The print media can afford not to. Sadly all we have in our newspapers is a list of fact-capsules and a couple of statements from some hot-shots. The press could learn from this article by Dilip.

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