Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Why US would fail in the 'War on terror'...

In the 'War on Terror', US has taken on the role played by USSR in the Cold War. It seems to believe that its enough to repeatedly state its intention to win the war without addressing the core issues. A strategy of pure rhetoric while facing an enemy who is out to destroy you is NOT a strategy at all.

Hope Sen John McCain, or whoever else it is who'll be the next US Prez, has the sense to make amends - though I'm not sure if there'll be enough time for that.

In the meanwhile, other countries (incl India) would do well to de-globalize to an extent so as to protect their own economies from crashing down when the US loses the war.

Note 1: De-globalize does not imply that the process of liberalization should be rolled back or stalled.
Note 2: I'm not sure what would happen to the world if the US loses the war - and whether other countries would anyway be mauled by terrorism, but my point is that if it is reasonably clear that US is going to lose the war, one should at least make sure we dont go down with it.

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