Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Nov 2

Well.. one of my passtimes used to be bush-bashing.. but having observed the campaign till now, looks like it wont make too much of a difference if Kerry gets elected.. the worst case scenario is of course a repeat of 2000 with the Supreme Court deciding the fate of the election. Given that the SC is still republican in nature, I guess that would result in an extended Bush-term.

In my opinion, a Bush win would hurt USA due to his fiscal irresponsibility, and because of the constant stream of body bags that would arrive from Iraq. It would also begin the end of the fall of the US empire - I say so because of Bush's proven hatered for multilateralism and his hangover from the Texan cowboyish attitude. A loss of USA's moral high ground would inevitably lead to the rest of the world wondering if the US is any different from the likes of Al Qaeda.

A Kerry win should see US becoming more multilateral - or at least to the extent tat it was pre-dubya. I guess there isnt much that he'd be able to do about the Iraq mess though. Bush has successfully created a haven for terrorists in the area with the world's second largest oil reserves.

Anyways a Bush win would more or less guarantee a democratic candidature for Hillary Clinton in 2008. She sure does seem to be a lot better than both Bush and Kerry.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

vote for bush. go thru 4 more years of suffering and get a troublesome-america-free world
or vote for kerry, your next four years wont' be bad but u don't get rid of uncle sam either..

October 01, 2004 12:04 PM  

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