Monday, October 18, 2004

The most amazing aspect of life...

Well, this has been fascinating me for many years now.. but I'm amazed by the whole concept of sleep and of course, a dream adds a whole new dimension to it.

The very funda that God, if any, would have created such a simple and elegant solution to the problem of recharging human bodies on a regular basis baffles me. It just struck me that while humans rest to recharge (i.e they spend little energy recharging), we require batteries to suck up a whole lot of energy to be recharged!! If only we humans could think of some way to achieve the same, we'll do wonders to the world around us - talk about energy conservation et al. Of course, then there wouldnt be too much pressure on USA to retain control on oil-producing nations - and we wouldnt have any more fiascos like Iraq (Sorry, but Bush-bashing comes very naturally to me :) ).

Incidentally, did you know why Bush didnt name the Iraqi invasion Operation Iragi Liberation, though at one time it was called Operation Iraqi Freedom? Well, according to a rumour (which I think I read in Outlook), the former was considered but rejected because its acronym would've been OIL (and Bush wouldnt want to get that obvious, would he?) :))

I see I've digressed quite a lot from the topic I had intended to write on. Anyways, I'd like to think that dream is a peek into one of the infinitely many worlds around us. Strangely, most of my dreams have been rather illogical - maybe, its because there are different systems of logic for different worlds! In any case, I do remember a couple of deja vus I've had - nothing dramatic, just a couple of ordinary events when I could predict with certainty what was to happen next, and I had a vague feeling of having lived through those moments beforehand. Makes me wonder if deja vu has to be vague, by defintion - it has been so thus far in my life. Or might there be an interesting explanation to that - like a glitch in our matrix! Okok, I just couldnt resist that.

Thats about it for now.. lemme finish with a totally unrelated comment - have been doing some research on the effect of Internet on democracies. Some people actually suggest that governments, as we know them, will become redundant. The purpose of installing a government was because it was infeasible to get the opinion of the electorate on each and every issue confronting us. The Internet might reduce this cost to a negiligible amount. So sometime in the future when Internet penetration is high, and digital divide has been reasonably bridged, we might have the most direct democracy till date!!

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