Friday, October 01, 2004

Anbe Sivam

One of the most amazing movies I've ever seen!.. heck, this must be THE BEST I've seen.
If you know tam and you havent seen the movie yet.. this is one movie you shouldnt miss. Well.. even if you dont know tam, get some tam bugger to put fundaes as u watch it.. it prob wont have the same effect.. but its worth it!

It has the right mix of philosophy, comedy, tragedy , love and some amaaaaazing performances by the actors along with superb screenplay, dialogues, music (incl the background music) and ultimate cross-linkages (that is to say there are no loose ends in the screenplay at all!!). Kamal Haasan was always a god.. but performances by Maddy, Naaser are jus 2 gud. Not to mention the cameo by Yuhi Sethu. You'd have probably heard of / seen the two accident scenes in the movie.. one where a bus crashes down a hill, and the aftermath ofa train accident is depicted.. both of them are as realistic as they get..

There are three scenes in particular that I luv... the first when the song 'Anbe Sivam' starts soon after Nasser confronts Kamal in the hospi. In fact, amazing set of ironies built into the song. Nasser plays a role of a devout Hindu, and invokes the name of God for all his sins.. Kamal is an atheist, and he is taken care of by a set of nuns.
The other two scenes I luv are the main ones that bring about the transformation in Maddy.. the first when the parents of a child thank Maddy for having donated blood, though the kid dies in spite of the blood transfusion ( the 'Pounu' connection at this point is the limit) .. the next one being when Maddy takes the cheque to Kamal's office, and is thanked by one and all. Oh, I jus realised therz one more scene thatz too gud.. the Maddy-Kamal dialogue soon after the kid dies. jus amazing!! Oh.. how cud i forget the 'Sangu' touch!!

A superb movie to hammer in the positives of communism in the current scenario - esp the educated youth who seem to be strongly influenced by the free market theory, the movie is a slap in the face of modern youth, in a sense. Probably the most astounding aspect of the movie - in my opinion - is the painting Kamal draws on the wall.. hv no clue as to how any brain could have come up with such a stroke of genius... To sum it all up, a genuinely complete movie with a message that touches your heart - at least it touched mine :)

Here are a few dialogues that are the best in the movie (not exhaustive, of course)

1. As mentioned above, the Kamal-Maddy dialogue soon after the kid dies - this in itself contains a whole lot of one-liners "puriyakoodathathu thaan kadavul", "u r a last word freak"
2. "Jaundice, Tetanus, Nervous" nun to maddy
3. "yaya" in the hotel
4. "nanri hai" to the lady who pumps water
5. "ithenna kathala, asingama sollite irukrathukku?" maddy to kamal towards the end
6. "wife walking stick, manasu nondama irukkanum ille?" kamal to maddy
7. "sethu po" nasser to kamal
8. "apdi kapathra kadavul kadavule illai, coolie - yenna kaasu vangittu thane panraru"
9. "totototototo"
10. "communism is a feeling"
11. the tajmahal linkage
12. "pusthakathaiyum pennaiyum aduthavankitte thanthinganna, covera pirichu kanthal aakiduvanga"
13. "coat suit pottavanellam yogyana? khadar sattai pottavenellam tyagiya?"
14. "take me to the police station" yuhi sethu to junta
15. "enakkellam theriyumnu nenachen, onnume therile" maddy to kamal
16. "AB-" kamal whispering to Sister Vanessa
17. "take my blood" maddy in crucified pose
18. "dont worrry, u will function very well" sister to maddy
19. "nambikkai illama nathikam pesathinga, oorellam nariya saami irukku.. namakku thaan theriyalai"
20. "pozhachu ponga"

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Blogger DD said...

Agree tht the movie is pretty gud....but i feel the ending is majorly arbit...this movie is nowhere near the "perfection" whch nearly all Mani Ratnam movies have, though it has quite some memorable scenes...
The movie i feel which comes closest to perfection is Kannathil Muthamittal ...

October 02, 2004 2:07 AM  

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