Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Second debate

Lemme begin by pronouncing my conclusion: Bush won the second round, albeit marginally. Kerry didnt help himself with his answer to a question on abortion. In fact, Kerry has always refused to speak frankly about his faith - something Bush is very comfortable with. I'd say that abortion question could hurt - the extent would actually depend on if, and to what extent, the media picks up that comment and also if Bush campaign uses that answer in their ads etc. Besides that fumble by Kerry, the two candidates restricted themselves to their usual positions & in fact repeating their utterances in the first debate.

One interesting feature of this debate was the manner in which Bush mowed down the moderator. The moderator had the prerogative to extend the discussion on any question by a minute. If Bush wanted it to be extended and it was his turn to speak, he would just start talking without waiting for the moderator. Wonder wot the moderator could've done!?.. To be fair to him, he did try to tell Bush once , but Bush-the-cowboy just went on with his speech!

Also apparently, during the debate Bush once adressed Kerry as Kennedy! Other funny aspects of the debate was how the 2 candidates took care to mention the questioner's first name when replying - for tat personal touch :P In fact while beginning to answer a question, Kerry paused and checked his notes to remember the questioner's name!

As was expeted, Bush did a great job of connecting with the people. I spotted him winking at the audience a couple of times. Well, I did get irritated with that - but again, that might be my anti-Bush bias at work :)).

I'm guessing the enthu among the voters for the third debate will be at the min level. These guyz are just goin to rehash their arguments. Well, a lot could happen before that - the polls after this debate might throw a surprise, Bush might announce that Osama has been captured/killed.. well, well.. nething can happen!!

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