Wednesday, January 05, 2005

50 more days....

Thats the countdown to the end of my academic life. It seems so unfair that I have to get out of this mode - in which I've been comfortable for the past 2 decades , and tread into a relatively unkown world. But again as Nalla writes to A. Ars in his parting note, "Adutha nodiyil olithu vaithirikkum aacharyangal ivvulagathil eralam... Acharyam niraintha intha ulagathai nambi payanikkiren". Translated in English "Every moment in the future has hidden in it several surprises... I continue my journey with my trust in this world full of surprises"

O World, here I come!!

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Blogger Delirium said...

Now you are one of us, stressed with this inertial world, and please don't forget the dreams that you have now. Never give up!

February 01, 2005 2:46 PM  

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