Thursday, April 28, 2005

Seedy Act, eh?!

I meant CD Act i.e Communal Disturbances Act :p which as NDTV reports has been prepared by the UPA government to prevent recurrence of the Gujarat riots. If it ever were to be passed by the parliament unto a law, it looks like an awfully powerful weapon in the hands of the union government.

Wonder how regional parties belonging to the UPA like DMK would react to the bill, given their stated claims of working towards increasing the autonomy of states in our federal structure.

Also, how would this act work? God forbid, something like Gujarat happens yet again – say in Gujarat. Modi gets his police working towards maintaining law and order, while the UPA sends in paramilitary forces. One ominous scenario I can predict in such a situation is when the two forces are at loggerheads and end up lathi-charging each other. As for the rioters, who cares?

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