Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sue the politicians

As I was watching the Rajya Sabha proceedings live on DD – and no prizes for guessing the decibel levels – this thought occurred to me.

Given that the elected members are elected and paid by the electorate (well, paid by taxpayers who belong to the electorate), the elected reps provide services to the electorate – their consumers. So can I sue my MLA, Lok Sabha MP and TN Rajya Sabha MPs in a consumer court if I believe they haven’t served me to my satisfaction?

I guess there are quite a few parameters to judge an elected rep’s performance – say his attendance levels in the assembly/parliament, or the number of times they’ve raised issues related to their constituency in the a/p proceedings, or by comparing their performances with the promises they made during the election campaign. In fact, could I possibly sue a party – say BJP for not building the Ram temple at Ayodhya in spite of promising to do so in their election manifesto?

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