Sunday, May 29, 2005

Birthday resolutions

I couldnt help but think why reporters wouldnt ask Sonia Gandhi a question that seemed rather obvious to me. With Sonia and the PM preparing report cards on the ministers' performance, shouldnt she be carrying out a similar exercise on her intra-party activities. A year ago, when she renounced PM-ship - though some would say, she settled for proxy-PM - she kept saying that she wanted to devote her energy to reviving her party.

Well madam, what have you achieved? The party is still servile to the family - though I'm not sure if you recognize that as a problem. You've just been re-elected unanimously as the party chief and NDTV reports that Rahul Gandhi might be getting a seat in the CWC. I dont see any revival in Congress' working or attitude. The only reason they can be happy is that the BJP is a lot worse off. As I typed the above few sentences, the thought strikes me - if Congress and BJP continue to be as weak as they are now for 4 more years, maybe we'll have a third front coming to power in the Centre. Hmm.. so what options would we have then? PM Lalu, PM Jayalalitha, PM Mayawati.. all the options seem rather frightening! That isnt to say that a Congress or BJP PM would necessarily be any better.

Well, maybe all this is too much in the long term to think of. So let me conclude this post with noting that in this week's Walk the Talk program on NDTV, Mayawati expressed the hope that in a few years, her party would rule in many states, and finally at the centre as well. She gave herself some 12-13 years to get to the centre.. and oh yeah, did I mention that she considers her party to be the only non-casteist party?

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