Thursday, July 14, 2005

A globalized world

I've been reading the archives of Riverbendblog - written very well by a Baghdad-based woman about the war. The following passage caught my eye:
American long-term memory is exclusive to American traumas. The rest of the world should simply ‘put the past behind’, ‘move forward’, ‘be pragmatic’ and ‘get over it’.

While this is not the first time I'm reading of this funda, it stood out because it fit in very well with the USA's idea of the globalized world. By getting countries to globalize, USA manages to hedge its risks. While it can withstand the failure of a few economies around the world, failure of its own economy will hit most of the globalized nations. Thus by getting the world to globalize, USA is getting other countries to work for its prosperity.

It is this dependence on the US economy that makes the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks "world events". Also it is the limited dependence, if any, on other nations that makes the attack on Indian parliament and the Darfur massacre minor specks in the world radar.

Funny that it was after reading Friedman that I strongly believe this funda. In fact, his illustration of the world helped in this aspect - though I doubt if that was the idea he wanted to convey. :)

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