Saturday, July 02, 2005

I have a dream...

Its 4.53am now as I type this out. I just woke up and I had a dream. No, not a dream about any of the Shalini/Asin/Gopika types. That would have been a dream. This was a very "different" dream. In my dream I was reading about the process of writing a war book. Or someone was telling me about it. Though the sentences were well-constructed and were not corrupted by any Tam/Hindi words. So I guess it was either a book or a TV documentary of some kind. This is "different" because I can swear that I've never had an opportunity to learn how a war book is written. So this was definitely not a replay of any past event in my memory. Either I just dreamt of some random arbit thing or there's a more spooky explanation. Just had to jot this down before I forget my dream - which happens so often once I'm fully awake! And yeah, I do hope it isnt a random arbit thing, and that its something more spooky. :)

Tried googling and wiking to find the process followed in writing a war memoir, but didn't find any useful link. On a related note, has anyone ever found a useful link while searching on Wiki? I, for one, have never been able to.

So anyone with some knowledge of writing a war book, please do ping me!

*With due apologies to one Mr King for the title of this post :)

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