Monday, June 20, 2005

Profit-making PSU privatization

In the Mani Shankar Aiyar interview I mentioned in the previous post, a question that was posed to him was regarding his stated opinion on why profit-making PSUs shouldnt be privatized now. He made a convincing case on how PSUs that are chronically loss-making need to be privatized first. If a private sector enterprise believes that this sick PSU is sick because of mis-management, and subsequent infusion of capital/technology can "heal" the company then the govt should go ahead and privatize it. In fact, that is the core reason to privatize any company. Of course, he did say that the government needs to move along the spectrum - thereby admitting that profit-making PSUs could be privatized, but not right now.

As one who didnt realise why the "leftists" were cribbing about privatization of profit-making PSUs, this makes a lot of sense - or as some would like to say: MHFS!

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