Thursday, July 21, 2005

Vajpayee's blunder

Yesterday, Vajpayee raised some queries regarding the recently announced Indo-US pact on nuclear co-op. His queries were reasonable and merited discussion in the public forum - especially the bit about India separating its civilian and strategic nuclear facilities.

But Vajpayee made a blunder in timing his statement. His statement was reported on NDTV around 8pm, and within an hour the PM got to rebut these charges in a press conference at US. As NDTV flashed the PM's response around 9pm, I thought to myself that Vajpayee's statement which was front-page headline stuff would now be relegated to the later paragraphs of an article. And that's precisely how it was reported in The Hindu and Indian Express today.

The most baffling aspect is that BJP is supposed to be the master of media-management!

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