Saturday, September 10, 2005

BBC - Simply the best. least when it comes to their hour-long special reports. Today's was on how child-survivors of last year's Beslan terror attack cope with such a tragedy. Nice idea in the first place - to just let the children tell how they feel, instead of news anchors trying to prove their self-importance.

There's so much anger and helplessness in the children. Many talked about how they just want to kill the terrorists - each had his/her own variation of the method they'd choose.

One was building a toy school - fitted with missiles so that terrorists can be killed. "Every house should have missiles".

Another kid: "Moscow got poorer and Beslan got richer. I got 15000. A footballer came to the hospital and gave the money. Parents who lost their kids got 20,000. How can money ever compensate for the lives?"

Gaming kid: "Before the terror attack, I used to play a terrorist(in a video game) because they had the best weapons. But now I play a cop. Even if they dont have the best weapons, all I want to do is to kill the terrorists"

YAK: "I'm a lot more frightened now. At school, when I hear any unexpected noise - even the bell ringin - I am afraid"

YAK: "Young boys became men, and we all became adults sooner"

YAK: "My biggest desire is to go to Chechenya, and kill all the terrorists to avenge my dad"

Kid who lost his mother: "We always keep chocolate and water next to her picture. Chocolate because she loved sweets, and water because she was desperate for it in the gym (during the hostage crisis)"

... And a lot more such expressions from those kids. I found only a portion of the program transcript in BBC's site. Click here.

Anyway, kudos to BBC for cutting the crap and focusing on the core issue.

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