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Imagine a person who is willing to work hard, but however hard he works he is unable to make a living - and his children live on meagre meals. I shudder to think how helpless he would feel looking at his children starving to death. Helplessness is probably the worst feeling one can have - for it questions the very purpose of one's existence.

The next time you read about a farmer's suicide death, dont shove it off as just another statistic. If our economy doesnt provide for any other means of employment in our villages, what other choice does one have? Well, he could choose to migrate to the nearest city in search of opportunities. But that is not a solution - its just another version of the sane problem. Indian cities just CANNOT satisfy the needs of ruralfolk. What we need right now is ideas on how to generate alternative sources of employment for the rural millions and in their villages. Ne ideas on this front?

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Blogger s0ya said...

It's a very very hard thing to do. I bet every politican, bureaucrat, intellectual in the country have thought over the same damn idea but implementing it ain't so easy. The key is education. The kids of these families need that as much as we need to give them a better living. I may be a bit hypocritical, but I would say cut defense spend and expend on eduaction instead. That way, the future generation kids can avoid the same plight their parents had. To hell with nukes.

Another solution would be to impart voactional skills on a large scale to these people.

The demographics in India is littered with people with age groups 0-24. So education is the most sensible solution to solving the long-term problem of employment.

I don't quite know about short term. Microfinancing is taking roots only now. I doubt the farmers(and other rural folks) actually have access to such finance.

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