Saturday, March 05, 2005

Frameworks rock!!

In the past two years, I've been bombarded with so many frameworks that sometimes seemed trivial and irritated me. But today I declare to the world (or rather the small subset of the world that reads this post) that "Frameworks rock".

In a space of about 10 days now, I've felt the power of frameworks in three different occasions. First when putting fundaes to a friend on what he should do with his life, I used a 2*2 that floored this friend of mine (aside: its funny that it is so easy to tell others what they should do, but when it comes to decide what one has to do in his own life, its "bulb-time"). The second instance was when I was reading a powerful article in The Economist about Corporate Social Responsibility. The article used incisive arguments coupled with a 2*2 to prove that CSR measures should be undertaken only if they are profitable. And just yesterday, while working on a project, I used a framework - that I had considered to be trivial - but turned out to be an amazing way to channel our ideas on the problem at hand.

P.S: This does not mean my respect for consultants has in any way increased. :p

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