Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Humour@BBC rox!

BBC reports that an astrologer has predicted Sachin’s early retirement. To tell the truth, I don’t quite care about where Sachin’s career is headed to, but this article amused me like nothing else could.

First of all, the article quotes the astrologer as saying

"I used to predict a lot on the outcome of cricket matches but after some of the predictions went wrong, mainly because of match fixing, I now refuse to predict on cricket matches,"

Hmm, shdnt the stars have predicted the match-fixing? Well, we'll let that one pass... The quote is actually attributed to the astrologer thus..

... said Chowdhry, who correctly predicted India would will win their series in Pakistan 2-1 last year.

Lol! So he refuses to predict on cricket matches, but cricket series is fine?! Maybe he believes match-fixers are fair people and even out the fixing so that a series result isnt affected :p

And there's more..

Most of his clients come in search of matrimonial matches and to solve their employment problems.

Ahem, but arent most marriages in this part of the world arranged by parents and hence equivalent to match-fixing? So how come, he gets it right in marriages but not in cricket!

And finally, the article ends with the following quote...

"Cricket is my area of interest and any cricketer needing fair help is welcome."

Rotflol!! I get it, so all Ganguly has to do is to fly into Pakistan and seek Chowdhry's blessings to be cured of his poor batting form. I just wish someone would tell Saurav abt it! But before that maybe someone should explain to Saurav what is "fair help" ?

Well, well.. maybe I should visit BBC's site more often, nice fun!

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lol is all i can say...

June 10, 2005 2:09 PM  

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