Friday, August 25, 2006


There are four kinds of people in this world.

1. Those who have not read this post of mine.
2. Those who have read that post, but havent read my comment to that post.
3. Those who read my comment, but chose not to read it completely because of the spoiler warning.
4. Those who read that comment completely.

I can only feel sorry for the Type 1 people.
Others, rejoice! Type 2 and type 3 people need not worry any more about being deprived of my learnings. Go ahead and read the comment completely.
Read it. Now!

Ok, now we only have two types of people. Type 1 and Others.
Others may please note that my comment might not be completely true*. Apparently, Jo does not die in the movie. So well again, the death interpretation does not fit. :(

* In my defense, The Truth does not exist. :)

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