Friday, October 01, 2004

US Prez debate

Well, I actually woke up at 5.45am today to watch the presi debate - incl half-an-hr of cnn's pre-debate coverage.. kinda like raceday of f1 :P

Newayz, the debate went on pretty much on expected lines... Bush bashing Kerry on his flip-flops, without actually using that term... and Kerry claiming Bush made an error of judgement, and hence unfit for reelection. The moderator handled the job pretty well.. asking quite a few pointed questions to both of 'em - CNN did mention that tis guy had been moderating presi debates for a few elections now...

Overall, my impression was that Bush more often than not chose not to answer the question posed.. he chose to go tangentially away from the topic in an attempt to highlight Kerry's flipflops... Kerry of course tried to project Bush as a colossal failure in foreign affairs.. in a sense, both of them were pretty much rehashing arguments made throughout the campaign - with the obvious exclusion of finding fault with each other's military records..

As any political pundit worth his salt would say, we'll hafta wait for the polls to decide who won the debate.. in fact, cnn did mention that quite a few pundits had claimed Gore won teh first debate of 2000, though the polls contradicted them... the polls shd be out in a couple of days.. most prob on sunday.. i think the september's labor figures will also hv been released by then.. so tat mite also swing the vote..

newayz I suppose the veep debate will be a lot more venomous - after all, we do hv dick cheney on one side...

Throughout the debate, I kept wondering how nice it would be if either of the two candidates got pissed off and walked across the stage and punched the other guy.. but alas, such things dint happen.. well, there are 2 more debates to go.. and there is some hope... :)

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