Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Maslow conquered!!

Well, its 2 minutes shy of 6am and I havent crashed yet. And for once, this isnt because I was watching a series of movies or playing cricket 2004. I just finished working on a case on British Airways and I'm more than contented. Talking of being contented, here's Calvin's take on this issue... (one of my fav among Calvins)

Anyway, returning to what I was saying - the case I just worked on is a part of a course on International Business Practice, and accounts for 50% of 25% of 30% of 3 credits i.e 0.1125 credits - that too in a term which is irrelevant to my placements (not that I cared in any of the previous terms). And am more than happy for having spent close to 5 hours on this case. Amazing insightful analysis of the case along with 2 other groupmates - and to top it all, we also found a couple of errors in the case written by a Dean of Harvard Biz School. This gives me all the more pleasure coz finding faults in question papers has always been my fav pastime in the exam hall! :)

And well, later today my group will be presenting this to the class and I dont give a damn as to how the prof or anyone else in the class perceives it to be. Its an amazing piece of work, as far as I'm concerned. Hence the title of this post. For those lucky guyz out there who havent done the diploma course that I am pursuing currently, there was this guy Maslow who proposed that human needs are hierarchical in nature, and the peak is self-actualization.

As I sign off, I'd like to place on record my extreme happiness on John Ashcroft's resignation. :D One down, too many more to go! aah, maybe I will watch a movie now...

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