Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Al Jazeera rox!

Apparently Al Jazeera is recruiting from Washington DC for its new English-language network. Check it out !!

To quote from the job posting,

"Al Jazeera is the Arab world's most powerful broadcaster, its reputation earned through a visionary and courageous set of journalistic ideals. It has revolutionized regional news coverage, presenting uncensored reporting and open debate.

In November, 2005, Al Jazeera will launch a new English-language international network based in London, Washington, Kuala Lumpur and with headquarters in Doha, Qatar. The new network will carry a truly global agenda to a world audience. " (emphasis mine)

Also, one of the qualities they are looking for is to "be unafraid of controversy".

Finally, the international audience (including Americans) might get a different perspective of world events. But sadly enough, this move might lead CNN & the rest of the gang to move further to the right. Lets just hope that this doesnt happen.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wrt the last paragraph of ur post, do u thnk we'll actually get a 'different perspective' of the world events?
given that the qatar government under pressure from some 'democratic elements' has put al-jazeera up for sale.. mebbe some western media moghul may 'acquire' the network and direct its news from the top.. I see the arab world losing a decent press channel!

February 15, 2005 10:31 PM  

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