Friday, February 11, 2005


A couple of days ago, I finally managed to watch Kaadhal - literally meaning 'love' in Tamil. Was impressed by the music, acting, direction, casting... - well pretty much everything!! :) But I was more fascinated by the director's message at the end of the movie. He claimed that he was inspired by a real-life story that he had heard while on a train journey. I had heard of this claim before I saw the movie, but it made more sense (albeit, in a cynical way) once I saw it. I would consider the ending to be rather tame, abrupt and unbelievable - and I'd like to believe that the director expected this, and hence made up this story of being inspired from a real-life story. Well, obviously I dont have any way to prove my hypothesis but if my hypothesis is true, then I should congratulate the director for adding credibility to his ending in one single stroke - that too after the movie got over!

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