Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hector Elizondo, Shaktivel & Gopinath

Well, I just finished watching Pretty Woman for the third or fourth time. Cant stop wondering about how wonderfully the screenplay has been written - especially how well the characters of 3 supporting roles (the hotel manager, Vivian's roommate and Edward's lawyer) have been brought out. The best of these three is, undoubtedly, the hotel manager played by Hector Elizondo - the way he handles Vivian, his attempts to get into the good books of Edward initially and the manner in which he drops hints about Vivian to Edward in the penultimate scene.

This reminds me of another movie I recently saw - Kaadhal. As I've mentioned before in this blog, amazing screenplay - realistic n subtle. Its the minute details that make it a great movie - some of which Sridhar has listed here. Kudos to the director Shaktivel.

I'll conclude this piece by generalizing the theory underlying the above examples -
that to succeed in any project, one needs to excel in understanding the details correctly - and not just the broad picture. While this might seem rather obvious to the reader, the reason I mention it here is the impactful manner in which Captain Gopinath described some of his experiences in getting India's first truly low-cost airlines off the ground. This happened a couple of weeks ago when he shared the stage with Henry Mintzberg, and gave gyaan on how he made his dream possible.

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