Thursday, June 29, 2006

What did I like about Pudhupettai?

A friend msged asking me the above question. I knew an SMS wouldn't provide enough scope for me to respond. I started typing out a mail, and decided I should post it here as well. Unmitigated learnings! I didn't have the time to type out all my reasons, but intend to finish it when I get the time, which might be after I (hopefully) watch the movie again this weekend. For those who haven't watched the movie yet, be advised that there are spoilers galore in this post. You may want to watch the movie before you read this. Others, read on...

When I went into the theatre, I knew that the song was not going to be there. I had literally been counting down the days to the movie release so that I could see two things: the context in which the song is used and the picturisation of the song. But Sify & a friend told me that the song wasn’t there. So I had kind-of resigned to that. I didn’t know what to expect of the movie – now that what I had looked fwd to the most wasn’t going to be there.

Then the movie began. I wasn’t especially pleased by the first few shots – but not disappointed either. Till “Enga area ulla varathe” happened. I was terribly disappointed with the beginning of the song. The three guys coming from three directions one-by-one in a predictable manner majorly p*ssed me off. From that low, SR took me on a major high during the song. In that song, SR did what he does best – visually depicting the inter-class disparity. (Aside: SR has done this in TI, KK & 7GRC) Those stills that brought out this contrast gave me that comfort feel that SR hadn’t lost his mind after all.

The next high, for me, came soon after amma’s death. I remember being amazed by the scene in which Dhanush p*ssed in his pants when his father prepares to kill him. To see such a thing that realistic happen in a tam film was too good. At that instant, a huge section of the crowd laughed loudly. I silently swore at the crowd.

The scene where Dhanush takes to begging was also quite interesting.

One of the best scenes in the movie was when Dhanush and his gang-mates talk of their problems over booze. Dhanush’s “naan velila thaan sirikren, aana ulle azhuthutu irukken”, “mani anne, oru oru vaati azhuthidava” and the Other gangster responding finally with “Etho ivanukku mattumthaan kashtam endra mathiri pesuraan!– nachnu irunthichu. And in this scene, Dhanush also mentions a reason for his guilt feeling – if he hadn’t gone for the night show film that day, he would’ve been home to save his mom from his dad.

Monday, June 26, 2006

I thought cricket commentators were lousy. And then World Cup 2006 happened.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Vaazhkai oru kavithai.
Baashai ariyaathavargalukku.


Life is a poem.
For those who don't know the language.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


A powerful scene in PP

Kokki Kumar: "Naan velila sirikren, aana ullukula ore azhugaiya azhuren. Mani anna, ore oru vaati O-nu azhatuma. Paarthu sirikka maatangale?"

One of the Other adiyaaktal laughs at all this and says "Pinnennada? Ivanukku mattum thaan prachnaya? Namma ellarukum thaan intha mathiri oru kathai unde."

How true!

Yethanai kodi kanneer manmithu vizhunthirikum.
Athanai kanda pinnum, boomi ingu poo pookum.

No matter how huge you may think your problems are, it does NOT matter. Life goes on. Life is shit. Maybe, it is better this way.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Some of the many things that we have no clue about.
Do we have any clue about anything at all?
And yet we plod through our lives...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Oru naalil vaazhkai inge yengum odi pogathu
Maru naalum vanthu vittaal thunbam theyum thodarathu

Yethanai kodi kanneer manmithu vizhinthirukkum
Athanai kanda pinnum boomi ingu poo pookum

Karu vaasal vittu vantha naal thottu
Oru vaasal thediye vilaiyaatu
Kan thirandhu paarthal pala koothu
Kan moodi kondaal....

Porkalathil piranthu vittom, vanthavai ponavai varuthamillai
Kaatinile vaazhkindrom, mutkalin vali ondrum maranamillai

Iruttinile nee nadakkaiyile un nizhalum unnai vittu vilagividum
Nee mattum thaan intha ulagathile unakku thunaiyendru vilangidum

Theeyodu pohumvaraiyil, theerathu intha thanimai
Karaivarum neram paarthu kappalil kaathiruppom
Yerimalai vanthaalkooda yerinindru poar thoduppom

Antha deiva ragisiyam purigirathe
Ingu ethuvum nilaiyillai kalaigirathe
Manam vettaveliyile alaigirathe

Antha kaduvalai kandaal....

Athu enakku, ithu unakku - ithayangal podum thani kanakkku
Aval enakku, ival unakku - udalgalum podum puthir kanakku

Unakkum illai, ithu enakkum illai padaithavane ingu eduthukolvaan
Nallavan yaar ada kettavan yaar - kadaisiyil avane mudivu seyvan
Pazhi podum ulagam inge, baliyaana uyirgalenge?

Ulagathin oram nindru athanaiyum paathiruppom
Nadappavai naadagamendru naamum sernthu nadithiruppom
Pala mugangalvendum seri maatikolvom
Pala thiruppam theriyum athil thirumbikolvom
Kathai mudiyum pokil athai mudithukolvom

Maru piravi venduma....?
A few months ago, I created an anonymous blog. I remember writing something personal. I've forgot the url and the Blogger id I had used. It is a strange feeling to have something personal floating anonymously in the web. Hmm...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Other day someone told me that I've changed a lot over the past few years.
Is that possible?
I somehow think such a statement makes no sense.

I am who I am. The I of the previous second is an Other I. There are infinitely many Is. To say that one of my Is is different from anOther makes no sense.


Read this sms the other day...

"Life has sucked enough for me to know the worth of a friend"

Hmm... life is probably worth the trouble for those choice moments.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

A few thoughts on It

It is absurd to assign gender to God. God should be referred to as It and not Him/Her.

If God's job is to make people happy, It is extremely lousy at that.

God is a good friend who will never nag you with advice.

Rationality is God's conspiracy to confuse humans.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sirippu III

How long does a smile last?
An instant.
And for an eternity.

Time domain sucks.
Linearity sucks.
Continuity sucks.

(Un)Learning of the day #5

Nammai sutri kootam irunthum, thani aanom!

Pesumpothe, pesumpothe... mounam aanom!

(C) Thamarai

Unlearning of the day #4

People, you are all part of nature.
Keeping in touch with yourself makes no sense.
On an unrelated note, check this out.

Unlearning of the day #3

I've run out of learnings and unlearnings to share.
Mitigated unlearnings I say.

Unlearning of the day #2

Every day I get closer to God by a day.
Every day I get closer to Death by a day.
Death is God?

Unlearning of the day

Today has been a day of learnings.

Learning of the day # 4

Irukku. Aana illai.
Athu yethu?

Learning of the day #3

A guy can marry his second wife before he marries his first wife.

Learning of the day #2

Roger Federer is supposed to be famous.

Learning of the day #1

Enthu to live.

Each of the above is possible due to bounded rationality.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Sirippu II

Ulagathinoram nindru athanaiyum paathiruppom,
Nadapaavai naadagamendru naamum sernthu nadithiruppom.

Whenever I hear these lines, I can imagine the singer having an all-knowing smile on his face. Not sure if its due to Na Mu, YSR the singer or YSR the musician.

Sirippu I

Signalil kaathirunthen. Aval saalaiyai kadakayil signal mariyathu. Avalai ethirnoki pala vaganangal nagarnthana. Orusila nodigalukku avalaal angu oru chinna traffic jam. Satre othingi nindral. Oru lorry avalarugil sendrathu. Lorry ottunar avalidam yetho sonnaanendru therinthathu. Enakko pathattam - enna solli iruppanendru. Bathilaithedi aval mugathai paarthen. Oru vidhamaana punnagai. Antha punnagaiyil thaan ethanai arthangal! Naanum sirithen.

Made my day!