Monday, August 28, 2006


Ulagathai nenachen, sirichen!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Karaikadappatharkul thanathu vaazhkaikaraiyai karaikka ninaithaan.
Alasi paarthaan.
Slight too much aahi vittathu.
Alasiyathil vaazhkai kizhinchathu thaan micham.
There's so much to think about...
Life rocks!
Avan azha ninaithaan,
yaen endrariyaamal.

Andha kaelvi ezhavillai.
Badhil ariyaa vinaakalo perum thollai.
Thannai thaane yemaathinaan.
Kaelvigalai avan bathilaakinaan.

Pin vaazhkai aagividumo oru kaelvikuri ?
Sila kanangalo aacharyakuri!
Yengiyatho ore mutrupulli.
Kidaikuma uyir pirivatharkul...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Oh Maname, ullirunthu azhuvathu yaen?
Mazhaiyaithaane yaasithom,
Kanneerthuligalai thanthathu yaar?


Kodi keerthanaigalum, kavi koartha vaarthaigalum
Thuli kanneer pol artham tharuma?

(C) Vairamuthu


bloody its boring to be a cynic da
u expect the worst out of the world
and the world never disappoints.

---- From a chat transcript ---

Friday, August 25, 2006

Is she drowning her sorrows? Or is she drowning in sorrow?

(C) Adi

Learning for the day

RTI can be more powerful and useful than previously thought.


I am not drunk.
Maybe I should be.


All I know about this guy is this need-hierarchy that carries his name.
Will it not be poetic if he actually was so poor that he couldnt afford basic things in life when he discovered this hierarchy?
Would he have attained self-actualisation in spite of not having any "basic needs" satisfied?

Screw Maslow's hierarchy.


Of Hows and Whys

How? is answered by science.
Why? is answered by philosophy and religion.

How is it that children are taught science and religion, but not philosophy?
Why not ask why?
Why not answer why?
If no climax, then there can be no anti-climax.


There are four kinds of people in this world.

1. Those who have not read this post of mine.
2. Those who have read that post, but havent read my comment to that post.
3. Those who read my comment, but chose not to read it completely because of the spoiler warning.
4. Those who read that comment completely.

I can only feel sorry for the Type 1 people.
Others, rejoice! Type 2 and type 3 people need not worry any more about being deprived of my learnings. Go ahead and read the comment completely.
Read it. Now!

Ok, now we only have two types of people. Type 1 and Others.
Others may please note that my comment might not be completely true*. Apparently, Jo does not die in the movie. So well again, the death interpretation does not fit. :(

* In my defense, The Truth does not exist. :)
Why not?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


NY in VV would make a lot more sense than NY in SOK.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Aug 22

Today is Chennai Day.

Kaadhal redux - translated

Tried translating it to English for a friend. I prefer the Tam version, but for those souls that dont know Tam but still wish to be tormented by my learnings...

Thanimai avanukku pudhidhalla.

Loneliness had always been his companion.
Mun avan kootathilum thanimai kandaan.
He used to feel alone in a crowd.
Indro thaniyilum unthunaiyil kulirkondaan.
Today he enjoys your company even when alone.

Naalai kandavanai nee kanavanaakinaal,
If you choose an Other,
kanavukottaigalin idipadugalil sikki
caught in the debris of his dreams
kaadhalaasiriyaiku oru nanri solli
he'd thank you for teaching him love
thanimaiyain thunai naaduvaan.
and seek the company of loneliness.

Avalai andru ariyaamalirukkaiyil thondriyathu thanimaiya,
Was he lonely then when he didnt know her?
avalai indru marakkamudiyaamal thavippathu thanimaiya?
Or is he lonely now that he cant forget her?

Any help in improving the translation would be greatly appreciated. :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Matrix

Konjam aasai, konjam kanavu - ivai illamal vaazhkaiya?
Nooru kanavugal kandaale, aaru kanavugal palikaatha?
kanave kai saera vaa...

(C) Vairamuthu

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Kaadhal redux

Thanimai avanukku pudhidhalla.
Mun avan kootathilum thanimai kandaan.
Indro thaniyilum unthunaiyil kulirkondaan.

Naalai kandavanai nee kanavanaakinaal,
kanavukottaigalin idipadugalil sikki
kaadhalaasiriyaiku oru nanri solli
thanimaiyain thunai naaduvaan.

Avalai andru ariyaamalirukkaiyil thondriyathu thanimaiya,
avalai indru marakkamudiyaamal thavippathu thanimaiya?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sila pala kuzhappangalum thaedalgalum

Ninaithu ninaithu paarthen,
Kuzhappam theliyavillai.
Thelivaana kuzhappam adainthen.


Avan vidai thedinaan.
Kaelvi ariyaamal.

Vidai kidaithaalum,
Vidai kodukkuma kuzhappam?


Vaazhkai oru thaedal.
Tholaitha thaedalai thaedugiren...


Vaazhkaiyil paathi neram avan thaediye kazhithaan.
Meethi paathiyai izhanthatharku varunthinaan.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thanimai avanukku pudhidhalla.
Mun avan kootathilum thanimai kandaan.
Indro thaniyilum unthunaiyil kulirkondaan.

Life is a blink.

Mudhal kaadhal thondrum nodi,
AvaL EvaaL AavaaL.

Monday, August 14, 2006

A weekend in blinks

Drunk Auto Driver blabbering about why most two-wheeler riders deserve to be run over by lorries. Till the auto ran out of fuel. Strangely, the driver became silent immediately thereafter.


Second drunk auto driver blabbering about nothing in particular.


Mental note to myself: Study correlation and understand why auto-drivers are max frustrated and get drunk on a Friday night.


Having taken charge of crowd control, policeman ordering people to bypass the metal detector at the bus stand entrance


Almost missing my bus.


Repeatedly ‘Singing’ “Naangu kannadi chuvargalukkul..” loudly at Majestic at around 5am




Breezing through Blr on a Splendor+ :) with a slight drizzle on


Watching school children recite prayers and all


Jana Gana Mana remixed.


A running kid coming to a dead halt once he realizes JGM is being sung.


Witnessing pure joy


Discovering the power of BSNL’s website


The Grand Hijacking Conspiracy.


Discussing optimality of the lane-system in traffic regulation


Picking holes in logic built on a set of contradictory assumptions


Champrasthaanu baba




Anniyan no more!


Increase in my respect for Blr auto drivers.


No fire, yes fire.


“Tamilians are more South Indian than Kannadigas”


Nice Iyer Lunch, as promised.


Vinoaoaoad BC!


Style happened. Fair revenge for Black. :)


Discussion on possible domestic ramifications of previously unexpected engagements that are way out of line of well-established expectations.


Waiting for the bus – standing in a slight drizzle with tunes of Saare Jahaan Se Accha and Vande Maataram being played on the loudspeaker in a 2-song loop.


Walking in the silent Chennai roads at 4.30am


New York Nagaram…!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Not .
Ninaithu ninaithu paarthen…

Monday, August 07, 2006


Naangu kannadi chuvargalukkul,
Naanum mezhuguvarthiyum.
Thanimai thanimai.

I never had too much respect for Vaali. But these lines were just too good. Imagined myself in a room with mirrors for walls… I look in all possible directions, but none is in sight Other than me. And the candle touch is nice. Awesome way to convey the absence of the Other.

But I should say that the way ARR has handled the song has surprised me. To borrow a friend’s words, he seems to be celebrating the thanimai. This, in spite of the pain that one would think the lyricist is trying to convey. Should be fun to see the context in which this song occurs in the movie.

Update: Maybe Jothika dies and in this song Surya celebrates her life. (Jo fans might want to think its the Other female who dies). Vaan, nilam; Ange, inge; Mezhuguvathi (as the vilakku that is kept on after a person's death); ARR's Celebrating tone - Everything fits into the death ka funda. :-)